What we do

Creative Based Center and Store Limited (CBC STORE), is an organization that focuses on developing innovative solutions that solve the African Problems at Large. Our main focus areas include:

Hardware Manufacturing

We innovatively design our products according to our clients needs. We have a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) machine which is used to mount electronic components to the surface of the printed circuit board (PCB) as opposed to inserting components through holes as with conventional assembly.

Education Technology

We expose learners with curiosity in TECHNOLOGY to be imaginative, creative and inspire them to develop solutions to their day-to-day problems. We equip learners with technology and skills in Robotics, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Block Chain Technology.

Green Technology

We develop green innovative products in Energy and Agricultural sector ranging from farming tools and products, to processing of new food products and designing new farming methods that corresponds with the climate change. We also develop solutions for environmental conservation.

Software Development

The software department complements the hardware team by creating smooth applications that power all our manufactured products. We also deliver software solutions to learning institutions such as :Learning Management Systems, Smart Classrooms and School Management System


Fredrick Kamau
Innovation and Production
Shaila Agha
Finance and R&D.
Suvenna Hinzano
Digital Content
Seina Naimasiah
Sales and Marketing
Adam Agha


Prof. Patrick Ogao
Board Member
Dr. John Kimotho
Board Member
Mr. Peter Njuguna
Board Member